Monday, 9 April 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEWS* Propaganda Premium eLiquid

Propaganda Premium eLiquid
I recently had the pleasure of meeting the crew behind Propaganda eLiquid. They kindly supplied me with eLiquids for the purpose of this review.
All the bottles that I received were all TPD compliant short fills, containing 50ml of eLiquid, leaving 10mls spare in order to add optional nicotine.

This juice is a warm, sweet and inviting flavour that delivers a smooth, spiced apple, followed by a soft cakey aftertaste.
The apple is slightly less prominent than the cinnamon on the inhale, and this accentuates the fact that the apple is a smooth undertone. Having said that, the cinnamon is at no point overpowering nor sickly.
Upon exhaling, there is a definitive and welcomed sweetness that leaves a wonderful taste on your tongue.
I really enjoyed how easy this juice was to vape, as it wasn't too potent nor was it too flavourless.

The Hype Collection

– Cotton Candy
Candy floss flavours are my go to at the moment, and I have found it hard to find a decent one. Propaganda have hit it out of the park with this one though!!!
On the inhale there is a fruity candy flavour hat makes your mouth water in a pleasant and unique way. When exhaling, a subtle sweetness really mimics the soft sugariness found with actual cotton candy.
After you breathe out, the sweetness continues in a satisfying aftertaste that is not sickly nor unpleasant.
I think I have found my new ADV!!!

- Strawberry Shortcake
A mild yet tasty blend of ripe, juicy strawberries, and a biscuit base, this flavour is an ideal, smooth and delicious vape.
The strawberry is somewhat jam like, and tastes sweet without being sickly at all. This is then backed up on the exhale, by a buttery and crumbly biscuit.
Together, these two flavour components combine to create a more-ish and well executed overall flavour.
I feel like the strawberry was the more obvious flavour, however I don't think I overpowered the shortcake, but rather complimented it.
This juice would be a great candidate for when you are after a mild and smooth flavour, instead of a strong and potent one.
I enjoyed this flavour immensely.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Vandy Vape is back with yet another fantastic piece of kit, the Kensei 24 RTA.
The Kensei has ironed out all the minor flaws found with the original Vandy Vape RTAs. For those of you who don't know, the one of the originals - the Kylin was notoriously difficult to wick, causing slight leaking or dry hits. Well, I can safely say after 2 weeks, I have not experienced either of those problems.
The Kensei is robust and well made that features an easy to build on, 24K gold plated, two post deck, it also has bottom airflow, something I found to help accentuate clouds and flavour. As well as adjustable airflow, the Kensei also offers adjustable juice flow. I personally prefer to leave the juice flow halfway opened, to allow just enough eliquid to vape on, but everyone has different opinions!
In the box that the RTA comes in, you get a spare 'bubble glass', increasing the original 2ml up to 4ml, so you can rely on keeping it nice and topped up.
On that note, this RTA is super easy to fill, the top simply twists off, leaving two gaps for you to pop your liquid in.
If anyone knows me, you will know that i am a die hard RDA fan, and, up until now, I have had no reason to want to use an RTA..but then the Kensei came in to my life!!!
This rebuildable tank not only looks good, but it performs excellently as well. I got just enough throat hit to satisfy my nicotine craving, and big clouds. The thing is, i was running a dual coil build at 0.15 ohms and was only firing my mod at 60watts – Low but still very effective!
The only thing that may be a slight problem for you, is the frequency at which you will need to fill the 2ml tank, but Vandy Vape has already foreseen this, as they provide the 4ml extension glass in the box it came in!
I would definitely recommend this piece of kit to vapers who are wanting to move from sub ohm tanks to starting to build there own coils on an RTA, or even for RDA users that don't want to keep dripping every 10 puffs!

Saturday, 31 March 2018


Continuing on the reviews for Digby's, I will be reviewing 4 more liquids. All are available online ( as well as in selected brick and mortar shops across the country.
The liquids I am going to talk about today are available in both 50ml and 10ml, TPD compliant bottles, and come in a variety of nicotine strengths. They are 60/40 VG/PG, so can be used in both sub ohm and MTL tanks.
I am using an Aspire Cleito tank today, coming in at 0.4ohms and firing at 50 watts. To make this review fair, I will be replacing the coil after each flavour.

Straight off the bat, an elegant blast of gin hits the back of your throat, at first it tasted bitter and unwelcoming, but as I continued to vape it, it evolved into a more palatable and rather more ish flavour. There was also a note of some sort of sweet and juicy berry, and this really added to the appealing nature of this liquid.
On the exhale, I noticed a very slight, cool mintiness that wrapped up all of the other flavour components.
Bramble is an astoundingly unique flavour, and I can almost guarantee you that you wont find anything else like this.

Dr Jekyll
Following on with the alcohol flavour theme, we have Dr Jekyll, an absinthe based eLiquid. As I am not a huge fan of alcohol, I had doubts in my head before I even tried it. All I can say is that you must never judge a book by it's cover, or an eLiquid by it's flavour profile for that matter!!!
Now, Dr Jekyll is not just a plain absinthe, there are notes of citrus that liven it up, and combined to create a one of a kind all day vape.
This juice is surprisingly refreshing, and I think it would be particularly popular for vapers who prefer liquids that are not too sweet nor sickly.

Digby's Short-fills

Apple & Cinnamon Pudding
I was particularly looking forward to trying this juice, especially because of it's wonderfully appealing flavour description.
It is a delicious blend of soft, sweet and wholesome apple pie, carefully spiced with a warm and inviting cinnamon. The apple is most noticeable on the inhale, and is not an artificial taste either, but more like an apple sauce. The apple is followed by a creamy custard element that makes this juice even more delectable, and it was rounded up with a smooth and flavourful cinnamon, all combining to create a well designed liquid that is ideal for dessert lovers.

The King
Other than DMC, The King has to be my next favourite. It has a strong and enticing flavour to it, and is actually very pleasant when mixed with DMC!
The King features a smooth and savoury peanut butter on the inhale, combined with a sweet and potent banana that really makes your mouth water. I really enjoyed how the peanut butter is complimented by the banana, as rather than fighting for the most flavourful, they actually even each other out.
These flavours are finished up with a wonderful creaminess that rounds it all of in a delicious and satisfying fashion. As I mentioned earlier, The King and a bit of DMC combined, creates an out of this world flavour, that could easily be an all day vape!!!

Friday, 30 March 2018


Killer Kustard by Vapetasia

DMC by Digbys 

Churro Ice Cream by One Up Vapors

Cream Soda by Jeffries Vintage Vapes

Vaperz Cloud XXX

Vaporesso Revenger X

Artha by Advken

Kylin Mini by Vandy Vape 

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEW* Oliver's Twist by Digby's Juice

Special thanks to Adrian for sending me this eLiquid for me to review!

A long standing favourite of mine, Digby's have been consistently producing bespoke and extremely high quality liquids from the heart of Dorset.
All of their juices are unique and are next level when it comes to the careful consideration of each flavour profile.
Today I am going to have a look at their latest eLiquid – Oliver's Twist. I am going to be using an RDA setup coming in at 0.14 ohms on a Tesla WYE at 85 watts. I have also taken the liberty of rewicking the coils for maximum flavour potential.
It is available online and in selected brick and mortar shops. It comes in a 50ml short fill bottle that features an innovative way to add your nicotine shot – all you have to do is simply twist of the nozzle and pop the nicotine in. No need to get the pliers out with this one!!!

When I got the email saying that Digby's were planning on releasing a new flavour, I was already convinced that it was going to be a hit.
With a name like 'Oliver's Twist' my first thought was that it would involve some sort of citrus and have a refreshing feel to it.
And I was right! As soon as I opened the bottle, there was a definitive aroma of sweet, tantalising and edgy fruit.
Vaping this liquid was even better. On inhalation, there was an overwhelmingly delectable candy taste to it, not unlike fruit pastilles. The citrus elements combined to create a wonderfully revitalising overall taste. Then, a softer and more delicate touch of ripe cherry came in to play, adding to this already fruity eLiquid profile.
As I began to exhale, there was an almost sour zing that became more apparent as I continued to breathe out, and it made my mouth water in response to the uniquely sour (yet still very pleasant) sensation of this juice.
After exhaling, the aftertaste was next level! The sweet fruitiness left a sugary and wholesome taste on my tongue, making me want to vape this juice more and more!!
As a 60/40 VG/PG blend, this juice is mainly compatible with sub ohm set-ups, however you could probably get away with using it in some MTL set-ups too.
The vapour production was good despite it's slightly watery consistency, and the flavour was phenomenal.
I particularly enjoyed the immense amount of tastiness in each inhale. The lemon, lime and orange definitely took centre stage, and was met with the sweetness of a juicy cherry.
Oliver's Twist quickly became my all day vape, down to it's refreshing and sweet flavours. I look forward to reviewing more Digby's eLiquids in the future!

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

*NEW JUICE REVIEW* Vapouriz 'Pocket Fuel' Shortfills

A special thanks to Sam from Vapouriz for sending these eLiquids my way for review!

After trying (and loving) the Double Drip eLiquids also produced by Vapouriz, I was excited at the prospect of testing these ones out too.

Vapouriz is proud to carefully create all of its products, all in registered clean rooms, ensuring the the highest standard possible.

This range is available in 10ml and some 50ml short fills. At the moment, only four flavours are in the short fill size, Blackberry Grape Spritz, Menthol Mist, Blue Raspberry and Pink Fizz.

These eLiquids are 80/20 VG/PG, and are ideal for sub ohm vaping, ensuring great cloud production and a full, well rounded flavour.

I have been trying these eLiquids out on an RDA setup, with a dual coil build reading 0.2ohms. I re wick before each flavour to get the full potential out of each juice.

Blue Raspberry
As a firm favourite of mine, blue raspberry eLiquids hold a special place in my daily juice arsenal. I have tried many different takes on this widely popular flavour profile, and, despite being partial to it, I can pick apart certain juices and assess the different elements found in different recipes. It tastes like a blue slushie, sour and sweet and very refreshing!
It is a smooth, fruity flavour that is perfect for when you are after a sweet, not overly strong tasting yet revitalising raspberry.
I liked the mildness of this eLiquid, mixed with a very palatable and slightly 'zingy' aftertaste.
I have come across many that err on the side of iciness, and I personally do not like that. However, with this juice there was no element of menthol to ruin the effect of the fruity raspberry.
This is a no frills, straight up blue raspberry, it tastes nice and is very easy to vape.

Pink Fizz
Pink Fizz is a rather unique set of tastes. Straight away there is a blast of sweet, flavourful and ripe berries, this is most noticeable on smelling the liquid. When vaping, however, there is a more prominent note of a fizzy but mild champagne.
As someone who rarely drinks alcohol, it was an interesting flavour to vape. The berry elements so

rt of made up the majority of the flavour, and I felt like the two main constituents worked well with one another, combining to create a sweet and refreshing eLiquid.
I particularly enjoyed the overall freshness to this flavour, it would be an ideal summertime vape.

Blackberry Grape Spritz
Saving the best for last, we have 'Blackberry Grape Spritz' a delicious blend of juicy, ripe berry and sweet, tangy grape.
It is a great, fulfilling flavour that is very easy to get through. The smell of this eLiquid was extremely fresh and enticing, and vaping it was even better!
First, you get a slightly sour blackberry that makes your mouth water, and upon exhale, the grape takes the reigns and finishes off the flavour in a sweet and almost bubblegummy fashion.
Even the smell of the vapour draws attention from others, asking what flavour I am using.
Overall, there was a very revitalising nature to this juice that set it apart from many I have tried in my time as a vape reviewer.
As I mentioned earlier, it is very easy to vape this juice, as it is so more-ish and not easy to get sick of.
Definitely my favourite in this line!

You can purchase all of these eLiquid over at

as well as many brick and mortar vape shops across the UK.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

*NEW MOD REVIEW* Vaporesso Revenger X

*Thanks to BHVape for supplying me with this kit for the purpose of this review. Check them out on *
Vaporesso has a great track record, and have proved to be very reliable when it comes to functionality and build quality, not to mention that it boasts a competitive price when compared to other similar high performance mods.

Today, I will be looking at the Vaporesso Revenger X kit. A fantastic and surprisingly efficient set up that is perfect for those who are seeking big clouds and an easy to use interface.
The technical Specs are as follows:
► Size: 45mm*89mm*28mm
► Display: 0.96” OLED
► Adjustable Brightness
► Resistance Range 0.05-5 ohms
► Wattage Range : 5.0-220W
► Start-up speed: <0.1S
► Temperature Control Range: 100℃-315℃/200F-600F
► Battery: Dual 18650(Not Included)

The tank that comes with this kit is an NRG Mini, and with TPD regulations in force, it holds a maximum of 2ml. It weighs in at 48g and has a standard 510 pin (meaning it will fit on nearly any mod)

The first thing I can say when I vaped this device, would be that it hits hard. With its modest exterior, I was not expecting to get such a powerful and satisfying inhale. Now that is partly down to the fantastic NRG Mini tank. The pre-installed coil is 0.15 ohm, meaning that you have a wide window to adjust the wattage to your preference.
Vapour production is, again, more than I expected, so this kit will be perfect for intermediate to advanced vapers, or for those who are starting there sub ohm journey. On that note, I wouldn't recommend using any eLiquid above a 6mg strength – any more than that you will more than likely rip your throat out! (well maybe that's a little exaggeration but it won't be nice!)
There are variable settings on this mod that allow you to choose a wide range of output modes, including Variable Wattage, Temperature Control and BYPASS mode.
If you decide to utilise the VW, you can further adjust he strength of hit you prefer, namely SOFT, NORMAL and HIGH. This is pretty self explanatory, Soft offers a smooth and mild hit, normal is just average and high gives you a more potent and warm inhale.
Now, not only does this kit boast impressive functionality and reliable performance, but it is also very stylish and pleasant to hold. It comes in a variety of colours (Green, Red, Rainbow, Black & Blue) , along with matching tanks. The button and screen set up is rather unique, it features a normal 'clicky' fire button, as well as three touchscreen-like buttons that cause the mod to vibrate when touched. It can take a little bit of getting used to when you first pick up this device.
This mod requires 2 x 18650 batteries (sold separately) and can be charged via USB, although we strongly suggest a more reliable and faster external charger.
Overall, I found this kit to be an all round decent piece of kit. It looks sleek and well designed, the ergonomics are on point and of course, the performance was out of this world!!!