Saturday, 13 January 2018

*ELIQUID REVIEW* From The Pantry by Vapemate

Back when I started reviewing, I was lucky enough to be supplied with a few liquids from the UK based vape company VapeMate (
Even back then, I felt the need to let the vaping public know about the fantastic and somewhat underrated nature of the liquids produced by VapeMate.
Safe to say when I received the new dessert short fill range, I was yet again, very, very impressed.

Now, From The Pantry is available over at as well as selected shops across the UK. The juices come in 60ml gorilla-style bottles, filled up with 50ml of liquid, leaving space to add an optional 10ml nicotine shot.
This whole range is 70% Vegetable Glycerin, ideal for big clouds and to use on sub-ohm setups.

So, lets have a little look at the four liquids in this line...

Lemon is very popular flavour within the vape world, some turn out good, some turn out bad. Many come across as sharp, artificial and somewhat similar in taste to washing up liquid. However, this was certainly not the case when it comes to this flavour.
As you begin to inhale, there are notes of strong yet smooth lemon curd, with a slightly creamy edge to its sweetness. Just after inhaling, and just before exhaling, you can pick up on a crumbly biscuit base. Together, the flavours mingle and bounce off one another, helping create the overall realistic taste. I can honestly say that this juice, from VapeMate, is possibly one of the best lemon eliquids I have ever had the chance to try!

Apple is such a diverse flavour when it comes to eliquid, This one turned out well, and I found that the inhale involved an almost tart green apple, blended with a smooth and relatively mild cinnamon. These are combined with a soft flakey pastry flavour that wraps up the flavour as a whole.
The potent and slightly sharp nature of the apple is mellowed by the warmth of the cinnamon, and is reciprocal in the fact that the apple livens up the undertone cinnamon. I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried this juice, especially as I am not a great fan of apple eliquids. This one was smooth, flavourful and very realistic. I particularly enjoyed the sweet, billowy clouds as I exhaled.

Over the past 2 or 3 years, I have tried a multitude of strawberry based flavours, all offering something different. Strawberry is probably one of the most wide reaching flavours out there, ranging from strawberry donuts, to strawberry ice cream all the way to things like strawberry champagne.
After trying two of the four liquids in this line already, I had a sneaky suspicion that this one was going to be good too.
As soon as you open the bottle, a wave of sweet and creamy strawberries is carried to your nostrils, always a good sign if you are after a strong and flavourful eLiquid.
Obviously, when you begin to inhale, you do get a magnified hit of the strawberry, except this time, there is an added undertone of light pastry. This exemplifies the flavour as a whole. There is a definitive edge to this juice that is not found in many that i have tried so far. It comes across as as a cream induced strawberry that already excites your taste buds, but when combined with the light, flakey pastry, it begins to really come to life. Once again, Vape Mate has done it! A fantastically well executed flavour!

As with the Lemon Tart in this line, I was a little bit tentative to try it out, due to the notorious difficulty of creating decent citrus flavours.
I was completely enamoured when I began vaping this juice. You get straight up and obvious tang of zingy lime, although it is more sweet than it is sour. Then came a smooth, deep and crumbly pie crust, with an added creaminess.
Yes, this juice tasted sweet, but at no point did I find it too sweet, and is a certain contender for an all day vape.
For me, Lime Twist was hands down the best juice in this line. It was truly an amazing combination of flavours. They all came together in a crescendo of tastes. I think that one of the best things about this specific eliquid was the fact that I was proven wrong in my assumptions of citrus flavours, it turned out divine. I'm sure that this juice will definitely be a favourite for both fruit AND dessert lovers alike.

Kudos to VapeMate for this truly exceptional line of eLiquid!


Monday, 8 January 2018

eLeaf iStick Pico 21700 *HARDWARE REVIEW*

** Thank you to UKVB ( for sending this kit to me for the purpose of review**

After the great success of the original iStick Pico, eLeaf has come back with the new and improved 100W kit.
One of the first, more obvious differences between the old and the new, is the fact that the Pico now takes 21700 batteries, as well as an adapter if you decided to use a more standard, but less mAh 18650 battery.

This kit comes with the eLeaf ELLO tank, an effective and high performing sub ohm tank. It features a wide bore mouthpiece, and an impressive adjustable airflow. This allows for producing large clouds when exhaling. The 'HW' coils that were pre-installed lasted quite a fair while, particularly as I was consistently using this setup over the course of a few days.
In line with the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive), the ELLO has the maximum capacity of just 2ml. It is worth stating that this is not down to eLeaf as a company, but rather a set of regulations that limit certain aspects of vaping.
If I am being honest, the flavour on this tank was not quite as good as I had imagined. However, it did offer excellent, thick and billowy clouds on the exhale, which certainly made up for the slight lack of flavour.
The Pico mod itself is a huge upgrade from the original Pico. Notably the fact that this one can go all the way up to 100W, and when partnered with the 4000mAh battery (that comes with the kit), you can expect very decent battery life, even when using a tank/RDA on a high wattage.
This Pico has several different output modes, including Variable Wattage, Bypass & Temperature Control, perfect for any style of vaping!
When you are in the VW mode, the resistance range is from 0.1 ohms – 3.5 ohms, ideal to use with the ELLO tank, or even many other sub ohm tanks that are currently on the market.
Aesthetically, it comes in several attractive matte colour variants (Silver, White, Black, Green, Pink & Gunmetal) and it has a smooth, and difficult to scratch finish. Ergonomically, it fits great in your hand, and has a satisfying and well balanced weight to it.
I found that this device is a great all rounder.
Its performance is second to none. It exceeded all of my expectations, both in terms of battery life, and ease of use. I particularly liked the fact that you can use an RDA setup on this mod too, and you can rely on the battery to accommodate the higher wattage.

The Pico 21700 kit will most certainly take its place in my arsenal of daily vapes, due to its portable and straightforward nature. It is durable and practical, and works well with both tanks and rebuildable atomisers.

My 3 favourite things about this kit would be:
- Its small size
- The fact it can go up to 100W
- Its robust and sturdy design

Overall, a great little device that packs a serious punch! Perfect for vapers who are after long direct to lung inhales, resulting in large clouds of vapour, and flavour that is out of this world!

If you are a shop owner, looking to stock this kit, go check out for wholesale enquiries.

Friday, 22 December 2017

The Coffee House line by Vapouriz

Vapouriz, a UK based vape company, have recently released a fantastic coffee themed line of eLiquids called 'The Coffee House'

They are available online at, amongst many other wonderful eliquids and even a wide range of hardware too. Be sure to check them out, Vapouriz will have flavours to suit just about anyone!!!

They have kindly sent me each flavour for the purpose of review. Let me just say, before I start, Coffee flavours, for me, are a little bit hit or miss. There are some that I have tried and they were downright awful – but! Knowing that Vapouriz put their all in when it comes to creating quality eliquids, I was excited to try The Coffee House line. I first received these eliquids in early winter, and I can say that these juices are perfect for vaping on, during a cold and windy winter day!

All of these eLiquids are 70:30 VG:PG, so they are ideal for sub ohm vaping, and you can expect impressive cloud production.
This line is available in either 3mg or 6mg strengths, and comes in a 3 x 10ml multi pack, the cost of these multi packs is a very reasonable £9.99, and again, is available online over at

Coconut Cappuccino
There is a definitive milkiness to this eliquid, that creates a warming and wholesome feel to it. The coffee element in it is not sharp or bitter, just well rounded. The cappuccino is
expertly blended with a slightly sweet edge of tropical coconut. I found this to be a very unique flavour, as I have never tried anything similar before. Coconut is a very diverse flavour that can be used in all sorts of eliquids, it works well in fruity flavours, as well as more creamy flavours such as this one.
I found that this juice was pleasant and would be great for vapers who want to try something different and new.

Vanilla Latte
Vanilla flavours are among my favourite when it comes to winter time eLiquids, and this unique take definitely warms the bones! There is an obvious nutty touch to the coffee in this flavour, and is
expertly complimented with smooth milk and a touch of delicate vanilla. I find that sometimes (despite liking vanilla eliquids) there can be a slightly off-putting and bitter aftertaste, however with this juice, that was not the case. There was a perfect softness to it and this eliquid was an extraordinarily blended flavour ideal for vapers who appreciate sweet, creamy and coffee flavours. I really enjoyed this one!

Caramel Macchiato
Saving the best for last, the Caramel Macchiato was a clear winner in my opinion. It starts off with a fragrant and powerful coffee taste, not unlike a shot of espresso. It tasted so realistic, that I could imagine I was actually drinking a strong coffee.
As you continue to inhale, the flavour morphs into a more sweet and indulgent caramel that is second to none. There is an absolute mouth watering element to this flavour component, and is not too potent nor overpowering, making it an ideal contender for an All Day Vape.
Right as you begin to exhale, there is a dulcet note of vanilla that really makes this juice pop! All of these different flavours didn't actually complicate things, instead, they just worked fantastically together and created a great overall eLiquid that must not be missed!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

TECC Arc Slim Kit

As an employee at a vape shop down here in Dorset, I see hoards of new vapers going for the simple and effective Arc kits from TECC.
Currently we stock the Arc Mini and the Arc 4, both seem to hit the spot when it comes to smoking cessation.
We usually suggest skipping the 'penvape' stage, as we find many customers who decide to go for one, end up coming back days later, looking to upgrade to a more practical and satisfying vape.
Now, after dealing with hundreds of 'Arc' sales, I was very interested in seeing what the deal was with this new addition to the already fantastic Arc line. This setup comes as a kit, so you can expect a charger, tank and battery, all at once – no faffing about when it comes to choosing a suitable tank.

First, let's have a look at the specs:
The tank has a capacity of 1.8ml (Just under the 2ml TPD cut-off)
The battery capacity is a 'middle of the road' 1800mAh
It can handle a resistance between 0.75 – 1.5 ohms
And one of the big (or not so big) features, is it's tiny 3.5cm x 1.5 cm x 12.6cm size!

When it came to the other kits in TECC's Arc line, most had some sort of visual indication of settings/battery percentage etc. With the Arc Mini, It was a small light up screen on the top of the device, and the Arc 4 featured an actual OLED screen. The Arc Slim doesn't have that. Instead, there are a few lights that indicate battery level, and has 3 available power settings Low (L), Medium (M) and High (H).
This is good for newbies who don't want to mess around with confusing wattages and voltages. Simply pick your strength and go. However, this could be a slight drawback for slightly more advanced vapers, due to personal preferences.

One of the greatest things about this device is it's simple and user friendly functionality. It is ideal for new vapers or for vapers who just want a straightforward kit, that they can rely on.
Obviously the actual size of this mod is going to be a good selling point, as it is small as well as discreet, perfect for pockets or handbags when going out and about.

The actual vaping experience is very rewarding, you can expect fantastic flavour and decent cloud production, even from this small and unassuming piece of kit.

When compared to the CS Micro and CS Air tanks, the CS Air Slim features adjustable airflow, and an incredibly easy to fill tank.

This kit comes in a variety of attractive colours and retails at about £35.00, depending on the vendor.

Overall, I was very pleased with this setup. Although I prefer subohming, I can definitely see that this kit would be ideal for new vapers. This was a really well made and well designed device that delivers when it comes to quitting cigarettes.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Switz2 Electronic Cigarette Kit by TECC

The Switz2 kit by TECC is the ideal set up for new vapers, wishing to quit or cut down on smoking traditional cigarettes. One of the many good things about the Switz2, is the tight airflow, creating the same sensation of puffing on a normal cigarette, something many new vapers look for when starting out.
The tank holds 1.8ml of eLiquid and the kit weighs in at around 60g, therefore, it is small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag is perfect for travelling or on nights out, when you don't fancy taking a large and cumbersome set up with you.
It is extremely easy to maintain when it comes to changing the coils, charging , operating and even filling the tank with eliquid.
This kit takes SW atomiser heads, and they simply pop in, no need to unscrew or worry about over tightening. To fill the tank, just unscrew the top counter clockwise, and fill around the edges.
The battery life on this device is rather good,for the average novice vaper, I would expect the 800mAh battery to last at least most of the day. Another positive feature to this device is the fact that you can vape on it whilst it charges, so you never have to be without it!
To switch this battery on, all you have to do is press the fire button 5 times in quick succession, to vape, just press the button and inhale, and to switch off the device, press the button another 5 times.
There are no fiddly settings to adjust, such as variable wattage or voltage controls, just plug and play.
This kit is very reasonable in price (£24.99 GBP) and is straightforward and simple to use, whilst not scrimping on design and performance quality. It's perfect for those who seek simplicity and effectiveness. Even as a more advanced vaper, I could still see myself using this device when out and about.
Overall, a perfect vape for newbies and for those who seek a more discreet vaping experience. Very well made and a decent price.

Thanks to UKVB for this device - For those of you who don't know, UKVB is the place to go for all of your vaping wholesale needs! Visit them at :

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Juice Review : Digby's NEW TPD compliant 'Short-fills'

When the TPD first hit the EU, everyone was a little perturbed at the fact that eLiquids would now only be available in 10ml bottles. But, as a community, us vapers learnt subtle ways around this. And that's where Short-fills come in...
For those of you who don't know, a short fill is essentially a bottle of 0mg eLiquid, that leaves space for you to add your own nicotine shot, thus creating a 3mg or 6mg etc.
Now, If you know me, you know that I am a sucker for custard flavoured vapesDigby's DMC was my first custard flavour (over 2 years ago) and it is still my favourite. I have not found a custard juice that even remotely comes close to DMC. Just for the record, I have reviewed DMC before, however, I decided to review it again and compare it to my last one, to see if there's any change of opinion.

So, when Adrian from Digby's sent me two of their most popular flavours (that have been recently re-released), I was very much looking forward to tasting this beautiful, beautiful line of juices!

The juices that were sent came in 60ml gorilla-style bottles, filled with 50ml of eliquid (to leave space for your nic shot). They are 0mg/ml of nicotine , so I assume there will be an extremely mild throat hit, if at all.

They are available online and at, and are hand crafted in small batches to ensure great quality and optimum flavour.

Today, I will be testing these eliquids out on:
Druga RDA, dual coil at 0.17ohms
Asmodus Minikin v2 at 90watts

0mg/ml 80:20 VG:PG

As I remember, DMC is the same, delicious, almost nutty custard that I first tried over 2 years ago. It is smooth, creamy and well executed. There was absolutely no weird aftertaste, meaning it is an ideal candidate for an all day vape.
There are definitive notes of soft vanilla, but at no point was it sickly nor artificial. I particularly enjoy the wholesome flavour that is carried throughout the whole vaping process, from inhalation all the way to the exhale.
The main flavour component of custard is very, very realistic and tastes just like warm vanilla custard that you would have with a pudding.
As I mentioned previously, this was not at all too sickly nor overpowering. All of the other custard juices that I have tried, were OK - initially... but after a short while, they became literally un-vapeable, due to the artificial flavourings and almost bitter after taste. You do not get this with DMC. It is hands down the best custard I have ever tried, and you can tell that it was made carefully with great precision.
Due to the fact that this particular eliquid is 80/20 VG/PG, one can expect incredible cloud production, without scrimping on flavour whatsoever.
I implore you, whether you are a fan of custard vapes or not, to try this eLiquid and see for yourself how fantastic it is.

Mum's Custard
0mg/ml 60:40 VG:PG

So, from what I can gather, Mum's Custard is very similar to DMC, although it has a lower VG percentage (60:40 VG:PG)
I had never tried Mum's Custard before, but if DMC was anything to go by, I was sure it was gong to taste incredible.
Mum's Custard carries essentially the same elements of flavour as DMC, and I can pick up on an almost milky edge to it, that accentuates the creaminess found in these two flavours.
Due to the lower percentage of VG I think (although it may be purely psychological), that the flavour as a whole is a little more pronounced in this juice.
I think the main aspect of these two flavours being very similar in taste, but also being two different VG/PG ratios, would be that users of non sub ohm set-ups, could use Mum's Custard whilst still enjoying the taste of DMC. Vapour production with this flavour was actually still pretty good, despite it having less VG than DMC.
Overall, I'm very glad I was able to try it out, and again, like with DMC, I would highly recommend it to all vapers, especially those of you who enjoy sweet, dessert like vapes.

I would like to thank Adrian from Digby's for kindly providing me with these eLiquids for the purpose of this review!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

NEW Double Drip Coil Sauce!! *Review*

After much anticipation, I recently received 5 of Double Drip's newest eLiquids. I would like to thank Vapouriz for sending them my way for the purpose of this review.
All of the liquids that I received were 80% VG, 3mg/ml of nicotine and come in TPD compliant, 10ml safety capped bottles.
They are available online at: 
£4.99 for 10ml
I will be testing these liquids out on:
Cotton Bacon (changing after each flavour)
Druga RDA (running on 0.2 ohms)
Asmodus Minikin (running at 75w)
Sun Drip

Sun Drip is a wonderful mix of ripe citrus and sweet apricot. It is just perfect for a hot summer's day, thanks to it's fruity and sweet elements.
Although each individual flavour is slightly difficult to ascertain, it really works well as an overall collection of tastes.
I can hardly get over how refreshing and more-ish this liquid is. It's juicy, it's a tad tart and extremely fruity. 
I very much enjoyed this flavour, and can definitely see it becoming a good summertime ADV!

Crystal Mist

As a newly converted menthol fan, I could kind of guess from the name that this liquid had something to do with menthol, and sure enough, I was right!
Crystal Mist is a uniquely delectable collection of fruitiness and menthol that will appeal to all vapers. On the inhale is when you can expect a cool sensation of blue raspberry and when exhaling, a touch of sweet cherry. I value the fact that the menthol used in this liquid was not at all overpowering - something that can be appreciated by lots of people as an all day vape.
Crystal Mist is defiantly a palette cleanser and I loved how the menthol was soft and smooth, rather than harsh or icy.
Great stuff!

Lemon Sherbet

If you have ever tried Sherbet Lemon sweets, then you will no doubt recognise that distinct flavour when vaping on this ejuice!
It is absolutely identical to the yellow, lemon flavoured boiled sweets, and this liquid even replicates the almost fizzy sensation the you get with sherbet lemons!
This juice was both sweet and a little sour, I found them to have just the perfect amount of each. Granted, the lemon doesn't taste like real lemons, but is indistinguishable from the artificial lemon flavour found in the sweets.
I did enjoy this eliquid, however, when compared to the two previous ones above, I found it to be a little bit overbearing, meaning, for me, that I couldn't vape it all day. However it was very true to its name and flavour profile, something that I think Double Drip deserves recognition for their flavour accuracy!

Mango Raspberry Ice Cream

Ooooh this eLiquid is very unique and I don't think I have ever tried one like it! You get the ripe, fleshy part of a juicy mango (rather than an artificial tasting mango), mixed with soft notes of raspberry, then (the piece de resistance) a super smooth and wholesome vanilla ice cream that rounds off the different flavours perfectly.
I found when vaping this liquid that it was very creamy and I could sit there and pick out each component involved in creating this eJuice. 
Despite being a rather sweet and rich eLiquid, I could see myself vaping on it for an extended period of time without growing tired of it.

Orange and Mango Chill

Another mango one, I thought to myself, how different can they be? Well, they are polar opposites. The previous one was smooth and creamy, whereas this liquid is very lively, slightly sour and has a cooling undertone that sets this juice apart from any others I have tried today.

The orange is citrusy and sharp, the mango is sweet and all encompassing, the 'chill' to it really gives the flavour as a whole, a satisfying kick.
You can really notice the menthol on inhalation, and it isn't too extreme either, I found that it is more on the mild side of the spectrum. On exhalation is when the fruity elements come out to play. They are juicy, sweet and slightly tart, whilst still retaining all of the ripeness and not letting the menthol overtake them.
This eJuice was very palatable and the menthol was just the right amount for it to be enjoyable.